SeaView Health and Fitness Club has an exeptional training services and equipment to help you work towards overall health and well-being.

Some of what SeaView can provide include:

¤ Certified Personal Fitness Trainers
¤ Advanced & Fitness Weight-Training
¤ Body Building
¤ Body Fitness
¤ Fitness Testing
¤ Nutritional Guidance
¤ Orientations
¤ Individualized Program Design

Our Trainers

Percy Paynter - Co-Owner/Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer
Red Cross & CPR Certified
Specializes in helping people from all walks of life to achieve their goals in weight loss, fitness and muscle toning (including special population) with certifications from ICS, ISSA, AAA/ISMA and 35 years of practical training. He knows how hard it can be to reach one goals. Percy's program offers specially tailored techniques and strategies to effect these goals.

1/2 hour - $30.00
1 hour - $55.00

Email: lamel@northrock.bm, Cell: 536-1909

Melanie "Goldielocks' De Rosa - Co-Owner/Trainer

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
22 years of practical training
Objective is to assist the client in reaching his or her fitness goals.
Red Cross & CPR Certified

1/2 hour - $30.00
1 hour - $55.00

Email: goldielockspro@gmail.com, Cell: 534-5247

Sam Glazebrook

Lifetime Instructor
HND Sports Coaching & Conditioning
BSC Hons Sports Coaching & Conditioning
Mat Based Pilates
Core Stability
Circuit Training
Red Cross CPR & First Aid
Started Working in Fitness in 1999 and specialized in Sports Fitness, Sports Injuries and weightloss.
Came to Bermuda in 2006 after being Manager of a gym in the U.K.

Email: glazebrookfitness@hotmail.com, Cell: 332-1796

Brenda Gitschner - B-FIT - Redesign your Body with Personal Fitness Training!

Total Body Conditioning
Strength & Aerobic Training
Personalized Programs/Rehab
Special Populations and Wellness
In-home Aqua Rehab/Conditioning
Red Cross & CPR Certified

Email: bdworkout@yahoo.com, Cell: 504-2348

Chris Tannock - Part-time

Chris is certified from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates and specializes in General Health & Fitness.

1/2 hour - $25.00
1 hour - $50.00

Email: christannock@hotmail.com, Cell: 535-3374

Nakia Pearson - Part-time

Certified Personal Trainer

1 hour $35.00

Orientations Cell: 333-1221

Sharon Lines - Part-time

Sharon is certified from the American Aerobic Association International (AAAI) & (ISMA).

1/2 hour - $30.00
1 hour - $45.00

Email: sharonl@transact.bm, Cell: 704-4311

Marc Tucker - Part-time

Marc is certified from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates and is a Cross Fit Level 1 trainer.

1/2 hour - $30.00
1 hour - $45.00

Email: marctucker89@yahoo.com, Cell: 337-3663

Ross Caesar - Full-time

Ross has been a fitness expert and wellness coach for 15 years and is a competitive bodybuilder. He is certified from AAAI, ISMA, TEDFN & NCA.

Email: halecaesar@gmail.com, Cell: 537-7080

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